Kingston Schools Certified as “EcoSchools”

Published on: 2010/06/14 - in News

Students and teachers at Bath, Lancaster Drive, and Sandhurst Pubic Schools as well as Bayridge, Frontenac, Napanee District Secondary School, North Addington Education Centre, and Sydenham High Schools have been certified as ‘EcoSchools’ by a provincial consortium.

The Ontario EcoSchools program, created by a group of education stakeholders to promote environmental issues in schools,  expanded from a pilot project that first began in the Toronto District School Board.

The local Limestone District School Board is now one of 31 boards across Ontario participating in this program that recognizes a school’s “environmental stewardship”.

To receive certified EcoSchool status, students participate in ecological education and hands on experience. Its primary goals are to conserve energy, reduce waste, and ‘green’ their school grounds.

The schools are awarded points for achieving these aims based on a formal certification criteria. Students and other members of a school board – called an “EcoTeam” – create, implement and monitor their progress in six key areas:

  • teamwork and leadership
  • energy conservation
  • waste minimization
  • school ground greening
  • curriculum
  • environmental stewardship and the school community

Using this teaching outline, students develop an understanding of how their actions affect the environment and how they can make the most responsible decisions to protect it.

Attention is also paid to ensure instructors are kept current with the most up to date practices, techniques, and the latest research.

Locally, Bayridge Secondary School received the highest certification of gold status, as did Sydenham High School.

Silver certification was awarded to Frontenac SS, Lancaster Drive PS, Napanee District SS, and North Addington EC, and Bronze certification was presented to Bath and Sandhurst Public Schools.


Photo: Army Environmental