City Proposes Second Residential Units to Grow Affordable Housing Supply

Published on: 2018/06/29 - in News

The City of Kingston is seeking public feedback on a proposed change that would allow more second residential units throughout the city as well as second units that are detached from the principal home.

The proposal suggests adding a secondary residential unit to a home will help increase the supply of affordable housing in Kingston while also providing a source of income that can make a property more affordable for its owner.

Community members are invited to provide input at a public meeting on July 5 at 6:30pm in Council Chambers, 216 Ontario St., where a regularly scheduled planning committee meeting will formally present the proposed amendments to the City’s five zoning bylaws and the Official Plan.

You can also complete and submit an online survey at this City of Kingston page by 4pm on Friday, July 13.

The City describes second residential units as basement apartments, granny flats, in-law apartments – or coach houses, when they are detached from the home. They are self-contained residential units in or near a principal residence and they have a private kitchen, bathroom facilities, and living space.

Second residential units are currently only permitted in specific areas of the city and must be within the principal home.

More information about the existing regulations for second residential units can be found at

Photo: Maxpixel (cc)