City Seeks Input on Final Draft Community Benefit Guideline

Published on: 2018/09/27 - in News

City Hall, Kingston Ontario

Input is being sought by the City of Kingston on its Community Benefit Guideline final draft.

“Under Section 37 of the Planning Act municipalities in Ontario can require the provision of facilities, services or other matters, otherwise known as ‘community benefits,’ in exchange for the approval of increases in the height and/or density of a development,” said Greg Newman, manager, policy planning. “The Community Benefit Guideline provides a framework for the negotiation of community benefits, sought through Section 37 of the Act.”

Input on the draft is being accepted up until Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 4pm. More information and input can be made at this City of Kingston page.

According to a release: Community benefits sought through a Section 37 negotiation can take the form of affordable housing units, improvements to public spaces, contributions toward City facilities and other items that benefit the community. Once finalized, these guidelines will help the City evaluate applications to build projects that surpass the height and/or density provision of the Zoning Bylaw and negotiate appropriate Community Benefits.

Additional details about the community benefits can be found here.