Highway 15 Updated Design Guidelines Posted

Published on: 2019/01/14 - in News

The City of Kingston reported Friday that it has completed the final draft of its design guidelines for Highway 15, from Highway 2 to Highway 401, and posted it online for viewing.

The guidelines, created in conjunction with the Highway 15 Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, target improving traffic flow in the area, encouraging active transportation and incorporating transit facilities, making aesthetic and lighting improvements, and mitigating the environmental impact of construction on the 6 km stretch.

“These guidelines have benefited from input from the public over the course of this project,” said senior planner Chris Wicke in a City release.”Those who have offered feedback will want to see how these designs for this vital east-end travel corridor emphasize the historical and natural assets of the area as well as cyclist and pedestrian safety.”

For more information and to review the guidelines, visit CityofKingston.ca/Projects.

Image: Google