Hotel Parking Garage Collapse Damages 20 Vehicles

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Confederation Place Hotel - entrance to underground parking garage seen at lower right

One person was rescued and about 20 cars were damaged when the Confederation Place Hotel’s underground garage partially collapsed, fire department officials report.

Fire & Rescue respondents answered the call at about 8:05 p.m, after a loud crash caused the hotel’s emergency alarms to sound.

A large segment of the top floor in its two-level underground garage, located right underneath the hotel, collapsed onto the bottom level.

Fire Capt. Stephen Hunter said “We basically just got there and determined that there had been a collapse in the basement area. We conducted an initial search, found one person and got them out safely and uninjured.”

Initial reports indicated smoke was coming from the garage, but when firefighters arrived it was qucikly determined to be dust from the collapse. There were no sign of gas leaks but firefighters shut down the line as a safety precaution.

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Beverly Allinson, whose family has owned the hotel since its beginning about 30 years ago, said  about 60 of their 98 rooms were occupied with guests when the collapse occurred.  They were all evacuated safely and given a free night’s stay at a nearby hotel.

One man in the upper level of the garage when the incident happened, was rescued uninjured by firefighters soon after their arrival.

The hotel has now been closed pending a city engineer structural investigation to be conducted in co-operation with the building’s own engineers.


Image from Google Maps Street View