Maclean’s: Queen’s University Has Canada’s Highest Graduation Rate

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Graduates throwing their caps in the airAn article from Maclean’s magazine this week reveals that Queen’s University has the highest graduation rate in the country.

Almost 90% of Queen’s students finish their degree, while at some other Canadian universities the graduation rate is less than half.

The completion rate was measured by tracking undergraduate students to determine if they received a degree within seven years.

In the magazine’s list of graduation rates – detailing the percentage of full-time, first-year students in fall 2007 who graduated by 2014, while indicated as not part of ranking calculations – Queen’s ranks highest at 89.5%.

Remaining universities that make up the top 5 include Western (86.6%), McGill (85%), Laval (83.7%), and Sherbrooke (82.7%).

A full list of schools can be found here

The Kingston institution was also rated highly in Maclean’s list of minimum grades required to attend Canadian post-secondary institutions.

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With figures provided to Maclean’s by the universities, a list was compiled to detail the minimum grade average of full-time students admitted directly from a secondary school in the fall 2016 general round of admissions.

Displaying minimum entering grade for Arts, Science, Commerce, and Engineering, the collection shows Queen’s University required some of the highest marks in each category among schools.

The Queen’s minimums for each department  (80%/84%/87%/90%) were likewise competitive with other top universities when factoring in overall average grades.

While some other university’s individual departments had higher minimum entry grades, or provided ranges that included higher upper marks compared to Queen’s, the Kingston university was only slightly edged out from having the highest average minimum grade requirements.

When averaging those grades by using the mid-point of grade ranges, Queen’s comes in second only to Western by a fraction of a percent.

The average Queen’s mark over all departments is 85.25% while Western’s average adds up to 85.375%.

The remaining universities with high entry grade requirements include Guelph (82.125% average), Ryerson (82.25%), Waterloo (83.5%), (Wilfred Laurier (83.92%), and U of Toronto (84.25%).

The complete list of universities can be found here

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