Specialized Golf Cart Assessing City Sidewalks

Published on: 2010/07/04 - in News

A specialized golf cart is one week into its lengthy mission to examine Kingston’s 450 kms of sidewalk as part of the City’s asset management program.

A “Sidewalks Plus” golf-cart will be collecting and mapping information about the city’s sidewalks using both GPS equipment and other electronics, as well as human observation by its driver.

Some of the conditions being recorded for later assessment include:

  • Joint deflection
  • Surface spall
  • Settlement
  • Cracking
  • Appearance
  • Specific spot defects

The cart is part of a $70,000 project to map these defects and is expected to cover about 25 kms every day. The information collected electronically will be converted into a database for city staff to study and evaluate for future repairs and replacement.

The final results of this project will allow the city to prioritize the replacement of full block sections, improve the appearance of badly damaged sidewalks, and reduce potential legal claims against the city.


Photo by Duchamp