Kingston Getting App for Local Food Producers & Wholesale Buyers

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FreshSpoke, the developer of an app-based Uber-like delivery system that makes it easy and convenient for wholesale buyers to promote and procure local food from producers, is expanding to Eastern Ontario.

This expansion includes the Kingston region and FreshSpoke will be holding two infosessions in the city on November 16th.

Each one hour sessions will provide an opportunity for interested local food producers, wholesale buyers, and delivery drivers to learn about FreshSpoke’s local food distribution system – designed to grow sales and simplify order, payment and delivery.

The presentations will take place on Thursday, November 16 in room A of the Isabel Turner branch of the Kingston Library at both 1pm and 7pm.

For more information or to register, select your preferred Kingston session from the full list of communities at

Check out these videos explaining the way FreshSpoke works for local food producers and wholesale food buyers, followed by the full FreshSpoke media release.

Game-changing app for local food producers expands to Eastern Ontario

RELEASE — Barrie based FreshSpoke is shaking up the food industry with an online marketplace for the growing cohort of wholesale buyers turning away from imported and processed foods in favour of those produced closer to home.

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FreshSpoke is tackling the distribution challenges that, until now have kept most farmers and micro-producers out of the wholesale market. “Consumers are demanding more local and sustainable sourcing on the part of institutions, retailers and restaurants”, states Marcia Woods, CEO and passionate force behind FreshSpoke, “but the existing food system doesn’t make it easy or economical to buy or sell local food on a commercial scale.”

FreshSpoke’s platform handles the order, payment and delivery for food producers and gives institutions, restaurants and retailers a direct pipeline to fresh, local food, delivered to their door using an Uber-like delivery system. “Instead of putting more trucks on the road, FreshSpoke leverages the excess capacity that already exists in the delivery system”, explains Ms. Woods. “This drives down costs and gives commercial drivers, including producers, the ability to earn extra income delivering local food.”

FreshSpoke appears to have struck a chord, as some 140 wholesale GTA area businesses are now registered buyers with access to an online catalogue of over 1000 products from some 160 local producers. Now, FreshSpoke is bringing their innovative platform to Eastern Ontario.

FreshSpoke’s sellers range from farmers and growers to breweries, wineries and artisans like Belleville’s Pasta Tavola. “We know there’s a growing wholesale market for our products but managing orders and deliveries on top of everything else we do in a day is challenging”, states Victoria Watts, owner of Pasta Tavola. “FreshSpoke is well timed and their tools make it possible for local food producers to work together to grow our businesses and the local food movement. We also plan to leverage the extra capacity we have in our delivery trucks to help other producers get their products to market and offset our own delivery costs.”

FreshSpoke didn’t stop there. This ambitious upstart has also launched a mobile app for consumers called Local Food Champion that gives consumers the ability to authenticate the origin of foods labeled as local. “Food fraud has become a serious issue in the food industry with a few bad apples making false claims about the origin of food products they sell or serve. This hurts our local food producers and compromises the integrity of our food system”, explains Woods. “The Local Food Champion decal on buyers entrances signals patrons to open the app and get real time product and producer information about what and when that purveyor has procured through FreshSpoke.”

FreshSpoke is holding a series of public information sessions throughout Eastern Ontario during the month of November.

For dates and locations, visit their website at