First Avenue P.S. Taking Part in Anti-Bullying Event

Published on: 2011/04/12 - in News

Staff and students at First Avenue Public School announced they will be taking part in the national and international Pink T-shirt “Stand Up” day that represent a school’s determination to fight bullying in all its forms.

The occasion originated several years ago in Central Kings High School, in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, when a school boy was targeted by bullies for wearing a pink shirt to school.  After that incident, some school mates decided to take action which resulted in hundreds of students wearing pink shirts the next day in support of the student.

By taking a stand, and presenting a “sea of pink”, participants hope it will remind everyone to stand up for each other against harassment and bullying.

The local movement began with a 8th grade student at First Avenue School who was soon joined by other intermediate students who will take part in the school’s first “Stand Up Day” on Wednesday, April 13.

Principal of First Avenue P.S., Laurie Behan, said “We are very proud of our students for believing in this message and working together to make First Avenue a school where all have a safe environment in which to learn and reach their personal and academic potential.  As a school, and as a community as a whole, we want to send the same message – we are proud to stand up against harassment and bullying. It is a stand we are proud to take.”

According to the Stand Up Day website, it is a bi-annual event in which people across the world who have signed a special “pledge shirt” join together in wearing them to:

1) Send a loud, non-confrontational message of resistance to bullies.
2) Identify themselves to victims as a source of support willing to help.
3) Draw attention to the effects of bullying, and stimulate passive bystanders into action.


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