Residents Cautioned to be Wary of Door-to-Door Sales

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With a provincial ban now in effect for door-to-door sales of water filters and other products and services, the City says Utilities Kingston is receiving reports of this activity taking place locally – often with the sales people misrepresenting themselves as working on behalf of Utilities Kingston, the City of Kingston, or the government.

Products and services likewise banned from being offered or sold at homes – unless initiated by the resident – include furnaces, air conditioners, air cleaners, air purifiers, water heaters, water treatment devices, water purifiers, water filters, water softeners, duct cleaning services, or any good or service that performs or combines one or more of the above functions.

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“Kingston’s water is regularly tested, meets or exceeds quality standards and is completely safe to drink. While installing a home water filtration system remains the choice of the home owner, it is not required. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to shut the door. You can always call us to confirm the truth of any pitch.” said Jim Keech, president and CEO for Utilities Kingston, in a release.

Residents are advised to simply shut the door, and to feel free to notify Consumer Protection Ontario at 1-800-889-9768, if a person selling these products or services comes to your door.

The City also states that if you sign a contract for a restricted product and service, as a result of door-to-door marketing or due to misleading marketing materials left at your home, the contract will be considered void and you can keep the goods or services without obligation.

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Photo: Alexa LaSpisa (cc)