Donate Your Halloween Pumpkins to this Local Pet Rescue Farm

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Goats eating a pumpkin

Instead of putting your unwanted Halloween pumpkins in the composter this year, consider donating them to the Land O’ Lakes Pet Rescue Petting Farm.

Your pumpkins will make a tasty meal for their rescued and surrendered animals while helping to offset the enormous cost of caring for them year round.

On Saturday November 4th, rescue farm owner Barry Smith will be at the Collins Bay Flea Market where you can donate your pumpkins and empty bottles between 10am and 2pm.  The Flea Market is located at 666 Collins Bay Rd near Bath Rd.

Whole or carved pumpkins will be accepted at the event, but cannot use painted or partially rotted pumpkins to feed the animals. The farm is also happy to accept your empty wine, beer and liquor bottles as well as empty pop, beer, and cooler cans.

The is the second year Pet Parade Plus, in partnership with Pet Valu-Kingston and the Collins Bay Flea Market, has organized a pumpkin and bottle drive in support of Land O’Lakes.

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Last year’s pumpkin drive helped supplement the rescue’s food costs and it’s hoped this year will be an even greater success.

The rescue petting farm provides visiting children with a fun and educational farm experience, with animals that have either been raised from babies or were rescued.

Learn more at the Land O’Lakes Rescue Petting Farm website, which includes videos that show how the rescue helps special needs children and what may be the world’s only turkey that will give you a hug.

UPDATE: This event ended with an estimating 20 thousand+ pounds of pumpkins collected! [Must be logged into Facebook to read their update]
UPDATE 2: And see Land O’Lakes’ Facebook post below the video with their summary of the event.

Photo: Rebecca Siegel (cc)