Queen’s Delegates Visit Australian Universities

Published on: 2011/02/07 - in News


Queen’s University principal Daniel Woolf and vice-provost (International) John Dixon will be in Australia for the next two weeks meeting with university officials from around the globe as well as connecting with Queen’s alumni.

“Trips such as this one allow me to find out at the highest levels how other universities are adapting to rapid changes in higher education caused by technology and increased mobility of students,” says Principal Woolf.

The Queen’s delegates will also attend a meeting of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) in Perth where the presidents and senior international administrators from the seven MNU institutions will have discussions about the agreement they signed last year.

After these meetings, vice-provost Dixon will visit Queen’s partner institutions in Perth and Sydney.

“I look forward to the opportunity to discuss the existing exchange programs, which are very popular with Queen’s students, and contemplate any enhancements or modifications,” he said.

"Winthrop Hall at UWA in Perth- a near replica of Grant Hall, by the same architect" ~ Principal Woolf

Principal Woolf will likewise pay visits to universities in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney with special attention being paid to their international programs.

“Australia is way ahead of Canada in terms of internationalization of post-secondary education. There is much that we can learn from their experience,” he said.

Principal Woolf will also discuss research as well as teaching and learning with Australian administrators and faculty members. These universities rank among the top nine research universities in Australia.

Principal Woolf and Vice-Provost Dixon will be attending an alumni reception in Perth and in Sydney, and Tom MacDonald – alumnus and Canadian Consul General in Sydney – will host a reception for Principal Woolf and alumni.  Principal Woolf will also visit Canberra to meet with the High Commission of Canada in Australia where alumnus, David McKinnon, is Deputy High Commissioner.

Principal Woolf has also been posting tweets of the trip to his Twitter account with a number of pictures being uploaded to his yFrog stream, including the photo above.


Photo:  QueensU.ca