Heritage Resource Centre to Host “Decoding da Vinci”

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Tim Soper is set to present a talk entitled “Decoding da Vinci”, hosted by the Heritage Resource Centre, on Wednesday, July 11 at 11am.

A local cabinet maker, leather worker, and former puppeteer, Tim Soper, has been earning his living by his “creative wits” in Kingston since 1982.

He also made some of the pieces currently on display at the Leonardo da Vinci: Relentless Curiosity exhibition at the PumpHouse Museum.

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In “Decoding da Vinci”, Soper will give his personal insights into da Vinci’s engineering ideas from his experience making models from da Vinci’s drawings. According to the event’s release, he will also “share the many insights and answers he discovered from “travelling with da Vinci” from Florence to Milan by train.”

The July 11th talk takes place in Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St. It is the tenth presentation in the City’s Heritage Resource Centre’s speaker series.

Registration is free and open to the public. Reserve your spot now at eventbrite.ca.