Crystal Head Vodka Reveals Limited Edition Bottle Coming Soon

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Crystal Head Vodka mystery bottle

Crystal Head Vodka (CHV) – the premium vodka line conceived and founded by actor and Kingston area resident Dan Aykroyd with artist John Alexander – has spent most of this month teasing fans about an upcoming reveal, beginning January 3rd with the post: “We’ve got something #comingsoon for our #vodkalovers“.

CHV followed up a few days later, writing: “Waiting patiently for the news to drop. Is it a new bottle? A new size? A new taste?

Subsequent social media entries have narrowed the new product to a limited edition bottle that will be announced at the end of the month.

Posts have also feature the hashtag #CHVxJA, indicating original bottle designer John Alexander has likely created this new bottle as well.

Want to be one of the first to find out what this mystery bottle is? Join the Crystal Head Vodka VIP Program.

Find out where in Ontario you can buy Crystal Head Vodka original and Aurora (and eventually this limited edition bottle) at the LCBO. Outside Ontario, visit CHV’s “Where to Buy” page.

UPDATE: New bottle will be revealed at the end of February!

MARCH 23 UPDATE: The new bottle is still not on the shelves…

In response to a comment on the Crystal Head Vodka Facebook page asking “The new bottle was said to be revealed at the end of February. Any updates for us?“, CHV replied: “Unfortunately, we ran into logistical errors. The bottle is still set to be released in the near future. Thank you for your patience throughout this process, we appreciate it!

APRIL UPDATE [Editor’s note]: The new bottle has finally been unveiled. Unfortunately, it is not just a limited edition bottle but also limited in where it will be initially sold. There appears to only be five airport outlets in all of Canada and, since it will only appear in “selected”outlets, may not be sold in all five outlets or perhaps any at all in Canada.
Crystal Head states that the new bottle will be widely available for purchase in August 2018 (if there are any left?). If so, we will report more about it then…