Barefoot Child Discovered Outside in -25 Degree Weather

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Kingston Police headquarters

Kingston Police report a barefoot child was found outside a west end apartment building at 4:30 in the morning this past weekend.

The incident occurred on Saturday, January 6, when an individual returned home from work to the apartment building and heard a young child crying as they exited their vehicle.

Looking around, the person discovered a 3 year old boy in bare feet and pajamas pushing against a car door. He was quickly brought indoors and police were contacted.

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Officers located the child’s apartment and it was soon determined that the boy, who is autistic, had woken up on his own and unlocked the door to exit the apartment without waking his parents.

The child was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure by paramedics.

Kingston Police say no evidence of suspicious circumstances was found. The individual who discovered the boy is credited with potentially saving the child’s life as the temperature outside at the time was -25 degrees with a wind chill of -38 degrees.

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