Cataraqui Woods Students Donate to Families in Developing Countries

Published on: 2011/12/15 - in News

Cataraqui Woods Students raise money for families in developing countriesDonations by students at Cataraqui Woods Elementary School will make a real difference for families and children in developing countries.

With $350 collected through their fundraiser, the students will be supplying clean water for a family, clothing for 25 children, 5 fruit trees, 2 hens and a rooster, 2 mosquito nets, school supplies for one child, 3 warm blankets and one wood-conserving stove.

This project at Cataraqui Woods was inspired by three grade six students – Amanda Maracle, Mackayla Luddington and Emma Leonard – who wanted to raise money for families in need through the World Vision organization.

The three students organized the campaign themselves and it soon spread throughout the school.

Through the creation of posters, advertising to fellow students, and developing daily announcements, the students are credited with making real connections for their school community. Accentuating the message that even small donations can make a significant difference to the lives of families and children in developing countries, the school campaign raised just over $350 through contributions by both students and staff.

Following the fund raiser, student’s completed a survey to decide how the money would be allocated to the World Vision Organization for the purchase of items to be distributed to families in need.

According to their Internation website, World Vision provides a range of assistance to people in developing nations, including programmes in education, health, economic development, microfinance, agriculture, water and sanitation.


Photo and details via the Limestone District School Board