City Invites Public to Battery Park Opening

Published on: 2010/06/27 - in News

The public has been invited to the official opening of the new Battery Park, on the shore of Lake Ontario at the foot of Earl Street.

The ceremony for Kingston’s newest waterfront park will take place at 11 a.m. this Monday, June 28 and be attended by Mayor Harvey Rosen, Councillor Bill Glover, Alf Hendry and Brit Smith of Homestead Land Holdings, Gillin Engineering, and city staff.

The area was formerly known as Mississauga Point, and its history includes being home to a native settlement, a small military establishment, and the Canadian Locomotive Company.

The new name is derived from the historic Mississauga Battery that was located on the Block D property in the early 1800s.

Earl at Ontario Street (click to view map)

Highlights of the park include:

  • A continuous limestone seating wall along the south side of the park, near a waterfront pathway.
  • Event plaza in the middle of the park in line with the Earl Street extension. This area is accessed by both stairs and a ramp system from Earl Street. The event area detailing is a compass rose and will include the cardinal points of the compass on it.
  • Trees, shrubs, benches, lighting, bike racks, bollards, waste receptacles and a balance of drought resistant varieties of turf and plant materials to create a nice balance of green space.
  • Fight of the Royal George commemorative plaque.
  • LED lighting with both the City of Kingston and the Waterfront Trail logos on the plate face.
  • Plantings and railing buffer between the Marriot parking lot and the pathway.
  • Retention of the existing poplars on the site, to be protected by tree wells.

The new park was constructed by the city in partnership with Homestead Land Holdings, which also built the four buildings on the site, and with the participation of Gillin Engineering.