Queen’s Team ‘New Horizons’ Advances to Hult Prize Regional Finals

Published on: 2018/11/29 - in News

This past Saturday, fourteen teams at Queen’s University competed for the Hult Prize with the winning team now preparing to participate at the regional level internationally.

The November 24th competition included teams made up of three to four Queen’s undergraduate and master students who were challenged with developing a business venture capable of employing over 10,000 youth in the next decade.

The winning team – Lucas Bullen, Ramy Ayash, Jacob Reedijk, and Dominique Steneker – proposed solving the problem of youth unemployment by bringing a new leader to the senior travel sector: New Horizons.

In North America, youth would be given the training to be sales representative recruiting active senior to explore the world through guided tours of exotic locations around the world. Abroad, both admin and guides would be trained to ensure that our customers feel safe and happy during their entire trip.

New Horizons allows older citizens to discover new locations around the world in a comfortable and exciting manner. Local youth are given the resources to be sales representatives and travel planners for any of the 40k+ active living centers in North America and Europe. They help plan adventures to any of the Travel Points around the world. The tour guides, all local residents, facilitate this adventure while providing a sense of security and comfort thanks to their familiarity with the environment.

“Hult Prize is a great opportunity for students like myself to help work towards solving some of the largest problems facing our world today,” said Lucas Bullen, New Horizon’s team leader. “It is a great experience and would highly suggest joining a team and seeing what you are capable of.”

The winning team has the opportunity to submit their top three picks for the regional Hult Prize event they want to compete in next, with New Horizons choosing Dubai, Shanghai, and London.

This year, thanks to event sponsor DDQIC (Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre), the winning team will receive $1000 dollars toward their travel to regionals. A shout out also went out to Queen’s Enactus for hosting a information session for the delegates.

The Hult Prize Committee wants to also send a huge thank you to The Centre for Social Impact at Queen’s University for their support this past year. Many aspects of the event wouldn’t have been possible without their support, especially with helping the event gain a wider reach within the Queen’s community.

Established in 2010, The Hult Prize is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from MBA and college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education.

The Hult Prize Committee at Queen’s University (pictured below) includes Chuyue Jing, Campus Director; Jessica Arthur, Assistant Director; Maya Khazei, Logistics Coordinator; Ishrat Natalwalla, Judges Coordinator; Erin Huitema, Teams Coordinator; Steve Petsikas, marketing coordinator; and Eden D’Abreo, logistics Coordinator.

(L-R) Back row: Eden D’Abreo, Maya Khazei, Steve Petsikas, Erin Huitema, Ishrat Natalwalla; Front row: Jessica Arthur, Chuyue Jing

Judging this year’s competition were (pictured with New Horizons below) Sarah Martin, Co-founder of Research Stream; Silvie Crawford, Executive Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive of Kingston Health Sciences Centre; Ben Bowen, CEO of Open Door Media; Ben Barrows, Founder of Cabot7, and Charlie Mignault, Executive Director of Queen’s Business Consulting.

Judges (L-R) Sarah Martin, Silvie Crawford, TEAM NEW HORIZONS, Ben Barrows, and Ben Bowen

Top Photo (L-R):  Queen’s Hult Prize Campus Director, Chuyue Jing; New Horizons team members Lucas Bullen, Dominique Steneker, Ramy Ayash and Jacob Reedijk; and Queen’s Hult Prize Assistant Director, Jessica Arthur.