Shred Your Paper to Send Foster Care Kids to School

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Shredded paper

If you have old files or other papers that need to be shredded, Family and Children’s Services invites you to use that task to send youth in foster care to college or university.

Their 2nd annual SHRED-A-THON is being hosted by the agency on Saturday, August 5th at the Family and Children’s Services offices at 817 Division Street between 8:00am and noon.

The charity is asking for a minimum donation of $10.00 per shred to raise money for college and university bursaries.

“Here’s a chance for you to turn your old files and documents into something that will send a disadvantaged youth to college or university,”  said John Suart, Manager of Community Relations for Family and Children’s Services. “It’s a great way to help the youth we serve and clean up your attic or garage at the same time.”

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Earlier this year, Family and Children’s Services awarded $57,000 in bursaries to 21 youth in foster care – the most ever awarded in the agency’s history.

“We’re asking for just $10.00 per shred, but we’re hoping people will be generous and give us more,” said Suart. “The youth in our foster care system who are graduating from high school are perhaps the most disadvantaged young people in our community. We all need these youth to be the best they can be. For them and for our community.”

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This event is sponsored by Iron Mountain – a global leader in secure shredding.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (~ Lance Corporal Jessica Aranda)