No Overnight Parking on Streets Beginning Saturday

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Winter parking

Beginning Saturday, December 1st, parking on all City streets is prohibited between 1am and 7am and from 12am to 7am on streets surrounding Kingston General Hospital.

The City says this winter parking bylaw is to ensure vehicles are off the streets so snow plows are able to effectively respond to winter weather events.

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Disobeying the bylaw will result in a fine of up to $30 and vehicles are subject to be towed.

“This bylaw is in place to help with winter maintenance,” said Bill Linnen, acting director, public works services. “We can plow the roads much more effectively during the overnight hours when there are no cars parked on Kingston streets, many of which are quite narrow and challenging to plow.”

This parking restriction will remain in effect until the end of March, 2019.

Photo:  Dickuhne (cc)