2018 Annual Report Highlights Progress on Kingston Strategic Plan Priorities

Published on: 2019/02/26 - in News

Scenic Kingston waterfront

The 2018 Annual Report highlighting progress made on priorities designated in the 2015-2018 Kingston Strategic Plan by the previous council is now available online.

According to the City, the report indicates 98 per cent of the 40 strategic initiatives in the strategic plan are trending in the right direction with key stories and infographics offering a snapshot of the City’s performance in the previous council’s six priority areas:

  • Create a smart economy – See how the Mayor’s Innovation Challenge supports solutions from young innovators.
  • Green the city – Find out about a sustainable parking solution in Shannon’s Corners Park, achieving waste-diversion goals (early!) and expanding the trail system.
  • Invest in infrastructure – Get a high-level view of the 2018 work to realize the Third Crossing and expand Kingston Airport.
  • Advance a vibrant waterfront – See how the work to Breakwater Park is just part of a plan for 30 years of waterfront improvements.
  • Plan a livable City of Kingston – Learn more about the Rideau Heights Community Centre and Library and the expansion of Kingston Transit.
  • Foster open government – Find out how the City is engaging residents to improve City projects and making its data available for use by the public.

Read or download the 2018 Annual Report at CityofKingston.ca/AnnualReport

More information about final updates to the 2015-2018 Kingston Strategic Plan can be found at: CityofKingston.ca/apps/CouncilPriorities.

Photo (cropped): Wikimedia Commons (cc)