Cogeco Launches Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Kingston

Published on: 2016/03/14 - in Featured Science & Tech

Cogeco Connexion has announced the launch of 100 free Wi-Fi network hotspots in Kingston.

The most concentrated network in the City has been created mainly by leveraging Cogeco Connexion business customers that include retail shops, restaurants and professional services offices. Those hubs appear on high-traffic streets downtown such as Queen Street, Princess Street and Ontario Street.

Cogeco customers can connect to a hotspot with any Wi-Fi device by signing on with their Cogeco ‘My Account’ credentials, while non-Cogeco customers can log in as guests for a trial service.

Connecting to the Cogeco Connexion hotspots allows for unlimited internet within Kingston’s Wi-Fi coverage – instead of using your mobile’s data – as well as Connexion hotspots in other Ontario communities.
According to Daniel Boisvert, Cogeco Connexion’s vice president for marketing and innovation, Wi-Fi is by far the most used technology for internet access on mobile devices – citing November 2014 research by Mobidia that found that Wi-Fi accounts for up to 82 percent of monthly data consumption in the U.S.

Cogeco Internet customers can get this free, unlimited access by logging in with their “My Account” username and password just once. Subsequent connections will be automatic for that device here in Kingston and at Connexion’s other Ontario hotspots.

You can view a map of local hub locations on Cogeco’s Kingston map and check out all their locations on the Ontario map.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons