Queen’s University #1 in Canada for CEO Alma Mater

Published on: 2013/09/13 - in Featured News

In a new index ranking universities by how many degrees they have awarded to the chief executives of the world’s biggest companies, Queen’s University was recognized as the top institution in Canada.

The Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index: Global Executives 2013 report released this month ranked institutions by the number of degrees they have awarded to the top leaders of Fortune Global 500 companies.

The highest position world-wide went to Harvard University, which in total has awarded 31 degrees to 25 CEOs whose companies have a combined revenue of $1.5 trillion.

Harvard is followed by the University of Tokyo and Standford University. The next three positions are held by institutions in France.

Queen’s University was one of only two Canadian universities to make the top 100 schools internationally, coming in at #90 between City University London and the University of Melbourne.

The University of Toronto came in at #99, just behind the University of Houston and ahead of Hosei University in Japan.

Both Queen’s and U of T awarded two degrees to two CEOs, with their companies’ combined revenue equalling $84.4 Billion (US) and $60.2 Billion (US) respectively.

According to the report, Asian universities ranked much higher in this index than in conventional rankings, although more than half the list consists of European or North American institutions.

Almost 9 per cent of the total –  or forty-seven of the CEOs – were educated in the rapidly developing “Bric” nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

To view the complete rankings, check out the Times Higher Education article or download their pdf Report.


Photo (Queen’s University School of Business, Goodes Hall): Andrew pmk via Wikimedia Commons (cc)