Police Officers Attacked With Edged Weapon in Motel

Published on: 2016/03/14 - in Featured Releases

A 50 year-old man is in custody and facing charges after he attacked Kingston Police officers who were responding to a noise complaint a motel in the area of Princess Street and Sir. John A. Macdonald Boulevard.

Police were called Saturday night, at about 8:45pm out of concern for the man’s welfare due to loud noises coming from his room. When officers arrived, they were met by the accused, who was apparently suffering from a mental disorder, and challenged whether the two uniformed Kingston Police officers were in fact legitimate.

As the officers spoke to the man he suddenly retrieved a garden tool from inside the room. The accused then lunged at one of the officers in a stabbing motion with the weapon, resembling a large ice scraper used on driveways. The officer blocked the attack, the weapon almost striking him in the face. The first officer drew his firearm and ordered the man to drop the weapon, while a second officer deployed a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW). The officer using the CEW was then able to knock the weapon out of the man’s hands. The officers then attempted to take the accused into custody, however, the accused fought the officers, and it took several minutes to gain control and handcuff the accused.

Neither the officers nor the suspect were injured during the incident.

A 50 year-old Kingston man is charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

Hotel Manager Assaulted By Unruly Guest

At the same time as officers were dealing with the situation at the first motel, management of hotel nearby were also dealing with a violent guest.

Around 8:40pm, staff called the police about a man who was a guest staying at the hotel, who was acting out in an intoxicated and belligerent fashion. The accused first caused a disturbance in the hotel lobby, by trying to take a telephone away from a staff member. The staff called their manager, who tried to calm the guest. The accused responded by kicking a heater in the hallway, damaging it. He continued to swear at and threaten the manager, ultimately assaulting him by shoving him repeatedly.

When Kingston Police officers arrived, the man was causing a disturbance in the bar area of the hotel, and was promptly arrested.

Joseph Paul LYNES, 51, of Dorval, Quebec is charged with Assault, Mischief under $5000, and Breach of Probation.

Release source: Kingston Police | Image: Google