Local Special Needs Students Exceed Provincial Average

Published on: 2015/09/23 - in Featured News

Limestone District School Board reports their students with special needs are continuing to exceed the provincial average in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

A standards-based test, the OSSLT is administered to Grade 10 students to determine whether they are achieving the minimum standards for reading and writing at a level expected to be attained by the end of Grade 9.

In 2015, local students with special needs scored a 54% success rate, which is 9% higher than the provincial average. The proportion of Limestone students with special needs is 15% higher than the average for Ontario.

“We are pleased to see we are sustaining our gains in both participation rates and results, especially our students with special needs,” said Debra Rantz, Director of Education, in a media release. “We will remain focused, however, on continuing to work collaboratively with our teachers and administrators to further increase achievements in the areas of reading and writing.”

97% of the 1,332 first-time eligible students wrote the literacy test this year, compared with 93% provincially. The proportion of all first-time eligible LDSB students who were successful fell one percent to 75%.

“We recognize the importance of strong reading and writing skills for our students’ lifelong success,” said Supervising Principal of Student Success, Shawn Lehman. “We will be working with schools to see where we are making progress and where improvements can be made to ensure we are best preparing students with critical thinking and creative problem solving to support their learning.”

Highlights of the 2015 Grade 10 OSSLT were posted by the LDSB:

Participation Rate – LDSB: 97% | Province: 93%
Success rate – LDSB: 75.2% | Province: 76.5
Special education participation – LDSB: 97% | Province: 85%
Special education success – LDSB: 54% | Province: 45%
Academic English – LDSB: 90% | Province: 91%
Applied English – LDSB: 49% | Province: 45%

You can read the full release on the Limestone District School Board website.