CEO Jeff Garrah Leaving KEDCO

Published on: 2015/08/14 - in Featured Releases

The Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) and Jeff Garrah have announced that he, as Chief Executive Officer, will be leaving the Corporation to pursue other interests. After more than a decade with the organization, Jeff is looking forward to spending time with family and seeking different challenges and opportunities.

Jeff joined KEDCO as Director of Government Releations and assumed the role of Interim President in 2005. In 2007 he was appointed the Coproration’s Chief Executive Officer. Jeff was instrumental in guiding the organization through significant change in 2006/2007 and working with the Board of Directors to establish Corporate policies and procedures.

In his role, Jeff has supported the economic development of Kingston to ensure that the City has been left with a platform for prosporous growth into the future. He has advanced initiatives which have seen capital projects in the community realized; taken a lead role in the servicing and sale of lands in the municipality’s industrial and business parks; lobbied for increased funding to support local business and tourism growth; and promoted the city of Kingston as a premier destination to visit, live and work and do business.

“The Board would like to express our gratitude for Jeff’s tireless efforts over the past decade. He has worked dilligently to attract and support business in Kingston in order to ensure that our community is economically sustainable. From an organizational perspective, Jeff’s leadership skills, aptitude for forging strong relationships and political acumen have been of great benefit. Jeff has played a significant role in shaping economical development in the region,” says Dean Byrnes, KEDCO Board Chair.

Release source: KEDCO