Man Arrested for Bike Theft, Eats Marijuana in Back of Police Cruiser

Published on: 2016/11/23 - in Featured News

Kingston Police reported a local man is facing a number of charges that were placed soon after encountering Officers for an unrelated matter.

According to the release, uniform patrol officers were dispatched to the 600-block of John Counter Boulevard at 7:45 am, where a building superintendent wanted a man sleeping in the vestibule to leave. Officers attended and spoke with the 44 year old man, who complied and left the property.

However, police were called again to the same address at 9:45 am when the man returned. Soon after arrival, It was observed the individual was in possession of a bicycle and a shopping cart full of property. The bicycle matched the description of one reported stolen the day before and a check of its serial number confirmed it.

He was then arrested for being in possession of stolen property, handcuffed, and given a cursory search before being placed in the rear seat of a police cruiser.

While enroute to police headquarters, the arresting officer noticed the man was trying to move his handcuff hands from the back to the front.

The vehicle was stopped and the officer opened the rear door, observing a plastic egg container in the man’s lap and he appeared to be chewing something. After removing the suspect from the cruiser and grounding him, the accused was instructed to spit out what he was chewing and a small amount of marijuana was spit out.

His hands were again handcuffed behind him and the remaining marijuana was seized.

He was charged with possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance then lodged in a cell until attending a bail hearing the following day.

Police report the recovered bicycle was subsequently returned to its owner.

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