Police Arrest Man for Smashing Vehicle Windows and Stealing Contents

Published on: 2016/11/29 - in Featured News

During the evening of November 18 and morning of November 19, a man gained access to an apartment building’s underground parking garage on Leroy Grant Drive. He is then suspected of smashing the windows of four vehicles and stealing property visible inside, including a laptop, GPS device, and expensive jackets and sunglasses.

After reviewing video surveillance of the garage and apartment building, Kingston Police were able to positively identify the man and uniform patrol officers were informed that reasonable grounds existed to arrest him if seen.

On November 27, at approximately 9:00 am, the accused – 33 year old Jonathan C. Hood – was observed by a patrol officer and arrested in the area of Princess Street and Victoria Street.

A cheque and a credit card made out to two different men were found in Hood’s possession, and it was soon determined both individuals also had their vehicle windows smashed and items stolen between November 20 and 25.

The accused was transported to police headquarters, held overnight, and later remanded into custody following a November 28 bail hearing.

Hood is facing four counts of mischief, four counts of theft, two counts of possession of stolen property and six counts of breach of probation.

Kingston Police urge vehicle owners – especially during the holiday season, when gifts are being purchased – to ensure they lock their vehicles at all times, and ensure all valuables or items of interest to thieves are kept out of sight (ie. stored in the trunk). Even small items like loose change and charge cords or mounts for electronic devices should be hidden.

Image: Google