Kingston Charity Will Once Again Be Helping Haiti

Published on: 2014/06/13 - in Featured News

Local charity Helping Haiti has big plans for their next visit to the Caribbean country, with founder and director Tammy Aristilde (nee Babcock) outlining a number of new programs for the July 2014 mission.

To help fund those efforts, Helping Haiti will be having a yard sale on June 22nd at 812 Brock Street (map) starting at 9am. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to help the people of Cite Soleil.

To donate items, please email Pick-up of donated items can easily be arranged.

One area of concern that the charity will be concentrating on in July is Haiti’s current Chikungunya outbreak. Transmitted by mosquitos, the virus has symptoms including arthritis in joints, fever, rash, headache, and nausea. Symptoms have been known to sometimes last for years.

Helping Haiti is looking for non-monetary donations in the form of Acetaminophen, baby and infant Tylenol, muscle rub, DEET, mosquito netting, and powdered Gatorade. Donations can be dropped off at 812 Brock Street, where there is a drop box at the front door.

During July’s mission, Helping Haiti will also be offering a course in electrical fundamentals and safety. It will cover the history of electricity as well as basic electrical units and circuits with an emphasis on safety. The course will include First Aid training related to typical electrical injuries (shock, electrical burns, and CPR).

The ambitious charity will also offer a self defense course focusing on tactics against rape for young women in their area of Cite Soleil. Simultaneously, children will be able to take a First Aid class designed for youth, focusing on minor wound care and building self-esteem through practical skills.

Monetary donations can be made to the charity through this page at which offers the option to print out a Charitable Tax Receipt for the donation.

Non-monetary donations can also be made to Helping HaitiThe charity is currently seeking the following items: electrical tape; Polysporin; gauze rolls; non-stick pads; thinly padded boxing gloves; duct tape; and toothpaste.

Like the Chikungunya donations, items can be dropped off in the drop box at 812 Brock Street. Aristilde asks that donors check for an updated list of items needed.

Helping Haiti focuses on sustainable help to Cite Soleil, the poorest area of Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince. The charity has many initiatives, from safe water to education, with many of the initiatives designed to encourage cooperation among the people of Cite Soleil.

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