Queen’s University Represented at UK Quidditch Summer Games

Published on: 2012/07/09 - in Entertainment Featured

Less than three weeks before the Summer Olympics begin in England, Quidditch teams from around the world gathered in Oxford for the UK Summer Games.

Competitors traveling to the UK represented Australia, the United Kingdom, France,  and the US as well as Team Canada with members from Queen’s University’s own Quidditch Club (QQC) formed just last year.

According to the International Quidditch Association,  Team Canada players came from the University of Victoria, McGill University, University of Ottawa,  and the University of Toronto. The IQA also lists Queen’s University students and QQC member Drew Marubashi along with teammate Zoe Scantlebury and (Queen’s Quidditch Club co-founder) Mason Silveira, who both competed at the Canadian Quidditch Cup in Ottawa last October.

Quidditch is a sport created by British author J. K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series of novels and films where competitors fly around an arena on broomsticks. The real life Quidditch sporting events are actually ‘Muggle Quidditch“, so named for the term used in the novels for people who have no magical abilities and were not born into the magical world.

At the Sunday, July 8th UK Summer Games – which was live streamed over the internet by Molewood Media- the tournament was won by Team USA who, according to the IQA twitter feed, stomped Team France with a score of 160 to 0.

Team Canada played Australia for the bronze medal and – although they led in points for much of the game – the Australians managed to take the match with a score of 60 to 50.

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Photo: Meg Stewart