Maclean’s Names Queen’s a Top Canadian Party School

Published on: 2016/02/23 - in Entertainment Featured

Grant Hall, Queen's University

This past week, Maclean’s released its list of Top 20 Party Schools and Queen’s University was revealed to rank 7th in Canada.

The magazine surveyed more than 10,000 students at 100 Canadian universities, and asked: “In hours, about how much time do you spend in an average week on the following activities? Please be honest; this is confidential.”

It then listed specific activities, which included: “In class, studying, commuting to/from campus, extracurricular activities (campus club, sports team, student government etc., working at a paid job and partying”.

Those hours were then averaged for each school and divided by the number of its participating students to come up with an average – and for hours of partying, the highest score went to St. Francis Xavier, where students reported about twice the number of hours spent partying compared to those at Memorial University, which came in 20th (Update: a new results page by MacLean’s – see link below – puts Brock in 20th place, and Memorial in 21st).

UPDATE: The full results of 2016’s Top Canadian Party Schools – from #1 to #54 –  can be found at

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