The Slyde Coming to The Mansion, Release New Album “Awakening”

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Toronto prog rockers THE SLYDE will be promoting the release of their new album “Awakening” with a concert at The Mansion on June 6th.

Described as a thought provoking, high-octane album, “Awakening” is for fans of Rush, Megadeth, Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, and Haken.

“We think fans will certainly enjoy this release, and will notice that we’re slowly adding more of an aggressive edge to our songwriting plus incorporating more ‘metal’ elements into the riffs,” says the band. “Awakening is less conceptual than previous releases by containing more straight up rockin’ tunes. Each song stands on its own.”

According to The Slyde,  “Awakening” refers to the process of invoking change and each song can be seen as a protest song, arguing for a more peaceful and autonomous way of life.

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The opening track ‘Awaken/Walk With Me’ is about getting away from the powerful effects of media control and propaganda. The album’s only ballad, ‘Back Again’, is about the beauty and fragility of our Earth, and how we take it for granted. ‘Divide’ (video below) refers to the brainwashing effects of politics of fear and division in the West. “Awakening” looks at our daily consumption and poses the question ‘what is, or could be, our reality?”

The Slyde will be joined by Listen Up Kid and Some Giant at The Mansion (506 Princess St) on Wednesday, June 6 from 9pm to 1am.

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Image: ‘Back Again‘ music video