Local Novelist’s “The Impending End” Lands on Amazon

Published on: 2018/10/05 - in Entertainment

The Impending End, a new novel centered around mental health by Kingston author Amanda Rose, arrived today on Amazon in conjunction with National Mental Health Awareness week (Oct 1-7).

Set in 2005, the book follows Ayla Jefferson – an incredibly intelligent, sensitive, imaginative, and thoughtful 17 year-old who is contemplating suicide:

After a life long battle with mental illness plaguing her every move, Ayla is ready for death. Eerily calm, she says her goodbyes, and sets out to commit her final act.

But despite her stubborn conviction, life isn’t as easy to let go of as she expected. Her hyper-imagination blurs reality and she finds herself getting lost in gripping memories. Mentally disengaged, Ayla’s experiences are surreal, and discerning fact from fiction becomes harder and harder.

As the life she’s so eager to leave behind begs to hold on, will she be able to leave it all behind?

We asked who her dream cast would include, if The Impending End was ever picked up by Hollywood, and Amanda says Emma Watson (‘Harry Potter’) would be perfect in the role of ‘Ayla’ while her best friend ‘Zoe’ would be portrayed by Katherine Langford (’13 Reasons Why’).

Click here to purchase “The Impending End” on Amazon

Amanda Rose, author of Manifesting on Purpose, Fire Fury Freedom, and A Strange Dream: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems, is an avid reader and storyteller. Working in a variety of mediums and genres, communicating new ways of thinking is her passion.

Amanda works as an online Health and Fitness coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Actor, Model, and Writer.

Residing in Kingston, Ontario with her husband and 3 cats, Amanda is currently working on her next novel.

Get in touch with Amanda by visiting: www.AmandaRoseFitness.com.