Kingston’s Scraggy Releases New Rap Single “STAY FOCUSED”

Published on: 2018/11/07 - in Entertainment

Local Haitian roots artist Scraggy has released the new rap single “Stay Focused” in advance of his forthcoming 4 song demo.

“This song is teaching how to be strong. Stay focused no matter what comes across you,” Scraggy said of the single. “People will always judge you even though your life doesn’t depends on them.”

Scraggy told the Herald that Stay Focused took about a week to write – creating the beat first and then working on the lyrics. He recently started mixing, recording and mastering his own music and says he’s really enjoyed each and every piece.

“I’m inspired by my dad, every time I sit down to write a song,” he explained. “I remember everything he taught me before he passed and I have so much respect for the knowledge behind his every step.

“There is so much in life to be thankful for and that’s what my song, Stay Focused, is about.”

Listen to Stay Focus here:

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