Rock Band Adds Tragically Hip Song for XBox360

Published on: 2010/06/16 - in Entertainment

Kingston-based rock band The Tragically Hip sent out a tweet today to announce some exciting news to their fans:

“Now available for Rockband – Blow at High Dough” with a link to their Facebook post.

“Blow at High Dough” was the first single by The Tragically Hip from their premiere full-length album “Up to Here”, released in 1989.  Many Canadians may also recognize it as the opening theme song for the CBC Television satirical TV comedy ‘Made in Canada’, which aired from 1998-2003 and starred comedian Rick Mercer.

This Hip classic song, which starts out quietly but quickly picks up with more powerful vocals and guitar riffs, is currently available for Rock Band on the Xbox 360.  And already fans who own the Wii and Playstation 3 versions of the game are posting online with requests it be ported to their consoles as well.

The song spent eleven weeks on the Canadian Singles Chart, peaking at #48, and reached #1 on the CANCON (Canadian Content) chart.

The Tragically Hip is a Canadian rock  band from Kingston, which consists of Gordon Downie on lead vocals and guitar, Rob Baker and Paul Langlois on guitar, Gord Sinclair on bass, and Johnny Fay on drums.

Since the group began creating music together in 1983 they have released 12 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 46 singles. The Hip have received numerous Canadian Music awards, including 14 Juno Awards.

Listen to a sample of the song – and XBox360 owners of Rock Band can order & download to play – at the Rock Band website.


Resource: The Tragically Hip’s Facebook post with this announcement.