Kingston Featured in Final Season of Rick Mercer Report (Update)

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Rick Mercer, alley rant

This week, Rick Mercer announced the new season of CBC’s “Rick Mercer Report” will be his last.

In one of his trademark ‘alley rant’ videos, the comedian and political satirist also said this year will be his greatest season yet – an epic road trip that includes swimming in the arctic, an “intimate adventure” with singer Jan Arden, and being “covered head to toe in peanut butter and licked clean by 32 golden retrievers.”

Fortunately, Kingston will once again be the setting for one of Mercer’s comedic segments.

In late August, the host was seen in the city at the 2017 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet National Regatta while filming an upcoming episode.

UPDATE: Rick Mercer’s visit to Kingston to attend the Sea Cadet Annual Regatta aired Tuesday, October 3 on the Rick Mercer Report.

Kingston’s appearance in this final season marks the last of many times the show has visited the city to cover one of our events.

A number of those episodes can be found online, stretching back to 2004 – when he filed reports at both Queen’s University and RMC – up to last Halloween, when Rick became one of the undead to take part in “Fort Fright”.

A collection of Rick Mercer Report Kingston segments can be found below.

Season 15 premieres tonight and airs every Tuesday on CBC at 8 pm.

As part of the 2004 season’s University Road Tour, The Mercer Report popped by both Queen’s University and the Royal Military College.

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In 2011, Mercer appears to have responded to a campaign by the Queen’s University Model Parliament –  including a rant video of their own – inviting him to visit their conference on Parliament Hill that year.

Kingston Herald article

Rick was back in Kingston to take part in the Ontario Tree Climbing Championships in 2013.

That same year, the Rick Mercer Report aired a comedic commercial for the announced closure of the Kingston Penitentiary.

In 2014, Rick competed in the 4th annual flour bombing competition at the Kingston Flying Club

RMC was once again the scene for a segment in 2015, with Mercer joining first year cadets as they tackled the grueling obstacle course that marks the end of the orientation program.

And last October, Rick Mercer took part in the annual “Fort Fright” Halloween event at Fort Henry when he became one of the undead “scare actor”.

Kingston Herald article

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Past and future episode can be streamed online at CBC’s Rick Mercer Report page.