Crowd-Sourced “Pop Up Museum” Launches in Kingston

Published on: 2017/01/09 - in Entertainment Featured

To celebrate of Canada’s 150 years, the Kingston Association of Museum, Art Galleries and Historic Sites – in partnership with the City – will be hosting a series of pop-up museum events throughout 2017.

The first crowd-source “Bring Your Thing” event will take place at Artillery Park Aquatic Centre at 382 Bagot Street on Saturday, January 21 from 10am until noon.

Residents are invited to bring any objects they think relates to that day’s theme, “Made in Canada“.

Ranging from homemade items to found objects and one-of-a-kind mementos, you can display the item that has special meaning to you and tell more about it,

Come and learn the untold stories of Kingston’s heritage through the object of others, check out artifacts from a number of local collections and enjoy activities.

Anyone unable to attend can check out the event at the Kingston Museum’s accounts on Facebook, at Twitter, and on Instagram. You can also search or post with the hashtag #BYTKingston.

For more information about ‘Bring Your Thing’ events coming up, visit

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Kingston Association of Museum, Art Galleries and Historic sites posted one of its own “Made in Canada” things on Facebook. Something every Canadian of a certain age (or ages) will recognize from the 80s…

“This Christmas while sitting in our living room, I gathered up my parent’s old record collection to play some classics.

In my search, I came across a Canadian classic, Bob & Doug Mackenzie’s “The Great White North.”

It wasn’t long till me and my family were laughing at the sketch comedy duo. 30 years after the album was released and it still rings true. I now say ‘Take off!’ every chance I get…”