New Kindle Version Launches for Kingston Author’s ‘FIRE FURY FREEDOM’

Published on: 2018/09/06 - in Entertainment

Kingston author Amanda Rose has launched the Kindle version of her paperback action-adventure novel, FIRE FURY FREEDOM, today on Amazon.

FIRE FURY FREEDOM is a dystopian adventure with heavy themes on the ravages of long term global warming and the tyrannical rule of those in power who are corrupted by greed.

Author Amanda Rose

A dying planet on the verge of collapse…. tormented pasts that haunt the present… an ancient hidden magick…

The C.D.F.P. mega-corporation rules all, with unchecked power, and dark secrets…

The planet is dying, and they are the last hope to save it… Mack, an ex-soldier of the C.D.F.P. military division, and his mercenaries, standalone against the C.D.F.P. (AKA the Company), in the fight for humanities survival.

Left unchallenged, the company has ruled over the East Green Continent with an iron fist for decades. The pollution they’ve caused has devastated the planet, destroying the ozone, and killing off plant and animal life.

Outside of domed cities the air is thin, and the sun scorches all; it’s a veritable wasteland. In the past two decades the planet has reached entirely new levels of decay. Extreme weather patterns, and massive quakes, ravage the land.

Time is running out…

Mack and his mercenary troupe set out on a quest to stop the C.D.F.P. once and for all, and the planet will test them to their limits… But are they ready for the horrors they’ll uncover? Can they alone stand up against the all-powerful C.D.F.P.?

With an ending that one Amazon reviewer described as “absolutely shocking”, Amanda is following up with a sequel novel, Fire Fury Frontier, expected to be released in late Spring 2019.

Another Kingston author, Iain Reid, made news this year when he sold the film rights to his second novel ‘Foe’ months before its August release, after having his first book purchased for a Netflix adaptation by Oscar-winning director Charlie Kaufman.

While Reid’s films haven’t been cast yet, we asked Amanda which actors she envisioned starring in Fire Fury Freedom if it were to be turned into a Hollywood film or network series.

Amanda said she’d love to see lead character ‘Mack’ portrayed by Karl Urban (Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, ‘Eomer’ in the Lord of the Rings), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) cast as ‘Vince’, and Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black, That 70s Show) take on the role of ‘Suako’.

Purchase Fire Fury Freedom in both paperback and Kindle on and

Toronto-born Amanda Rose grew up in Kingston and has lived in Southern Ontario all of her life. She took an interest in reading and writing from a young age, competing in short story contests during high school.

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