Fans Fund New Album for The Headstones

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The Headstones is set to release a new album with a twist – it’s completely funded by fans.

In October, the Kingston-formed band posted a link to on their website asking fans to contribute if they wanted a new album.

They reached their funding target within two days.

Pledges on the site start at $10 to receive a digital download of the new album when it is available, along with exclusive access to updates, videos, pictures, and streams of the new songs.

And as the pledge amounts increase, more exclusive and limited merchandise and prizes are available. The highest priced pledges included private meet & greets, being credited on the album, and for $250 fans could get guitar, bass, or drum lesson with a band member.

The project is currently at 278% of their funding goal, and only the remaining lower priced pledges are available, with the most expensive one being $50 for a T-shirt and a signed CD.

Loyal fans of The Headstones have been eagerly discussing the project on social media, and it was evident that that loyalty goes both ways when one fan posted on singer Hugh Dillon’s Facebook page that he might not be able to contribute to the album due to family and medical expenses.

Dillon responded by telling him to not worry about it, adding later “You got one with your name on it …  soon as we get the artwork finished and then manufactured – done deal“.

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Since the inception of the band, Hugh Dillon has gone on to become a critically acclaimed actor, appearing in movies like Hard Core Logo and Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, as well as in television – most notably starring in the Gemini award winning television dramas Durham County and Flashpoint.  He has also recorded an album with The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir a solo album of his own.

The Headstones were formed in Kingston in 1987. They released their first album in 1993 and went on to release five albums, including a greatest hits compilation. 1996’s Smile and Wave was nominated for Best Group and Best Rock Album. The band broke up in 2003 and re-formed in 2011.

This will be their first album since 2002’s Oracle of Hi-Fi. Current members are Dillon, guitarist Tim Carr, bassist Tim White, and drummer Dale Harrison.

The latest album update on The Headstones Twitter account states the new album is recorded and mastered. They are working on artwork and design but there is no official release date.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit The Headstones Project on .


Photo: The Headstones website