H’art Centre Celebrates 20 Years with Musical “A Gift From Martadella”

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Kingston’s H’art Centre is staging a major production, A Gift From Martadella, from April 20-21 at the Isabel Bader Centre in celebration of its 20th anniversary.

Twenty years ago, we met Martadella, in H’art’s first theatre production entitled “Martadella’s Gift”, a young girl who communicated in a special way using a magical bubble wand. Martadella challenged and inspired others to look beyond appearances and search for the beauty and unique gifts of those who appear different.

In H’art’s new musical, we meet Sam and Marta, a couple who had been inspired by Martadella’s Gift years ago as high school students after starring in the production. Ironically, they have a daughter, Stella, who, like Martadella, cannot speak. Sam and Marta have spent 20 years working hard to create a safe and comfortable life for their daughter. Marta feels that she understands and knows what’s best for Stella. But can Stella be satisfied with comfortable when she has so much more to give?

Join over 40 remarkable local performers, most with developmental disabilities, for this spirited celebratory performance showcasing their talents as actors, musicians and visual artists.

A Gift from Martadella is a story about a young woman who embarks on a journey of new personal discoveries drawing inspiration from that same magical bubble wand from years ago.

H’art Centre’s performance takes place on Friday, April 20 at 6pm and there’s a 2pm matinee and 6pm evening show on Saturday, April 21.

Canadian Senator Patricia Bovey has been invited to the Saturday, April 21st evening performance where she will highlight her work in both the Senate and the Arts at a special celebratory event.

“A Gift From Martadella” is produced by H’art Centre and written by Kathi Toth Switzer, David Archibald with script and musical contributions from H’art participants. It stars performers from H’art and the local community.

Contact the Isabel Bader Box Office for any questions related to performances or tickets by calling 613.533.2424 or sending an email to ibcpaboxoffice@queensu.ca.

Tickets can be purchased on the Isabel Bader Online Ticketing System: www.queensu.ca/theisabel.

Image: H’art Centre