The Glorious Sons Release New Single “DAYLIGHT”

Published on: 2021/05/21 - in Entertainment

Kingston’s JUNO Award-winning rock band, The Glorious Sons, unveiled the new song “DAYLIGHT” this week – released independently by the group and distributed via the Black Box label.

Written by Brett Emmons, Jay Emmons, Chris Koster, Adam Paquette and Josh Hewson, the track was also produced by the band, who were named “Canada’s Best Export” by the Washington Times in 2019.

The new tune displays “the unpredictable unmitigated kind of sonic catharsis fueled by emotion and unfiltered intensity that offers an awakening to the mind and body and invites audiences to wholly experience the band’s palpable energy” and their first release for 2021.

“I think a lot of people are hoping to hear the follow up to S.O.S.,” shares lead singer Brett Emmons. “It’s not here. Nor do I think it needs to be. We were more interested in making something that sounds energized than organized. It’s by far the closest representation to how the band feels performing a set in a club. But mainly, the important thing to remember here, is that spiritually, the band needed to make music completely for ourselves and that’s what we did.”

You can get DAYLIGHT here 

The two-time JUNO Award winning, two-time CRIA Platinum-certified and six-time CRIA Gold-certified rock group’s “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)”, the final single released from their
JUNO Award winning 2017 album “Young Beauties and Fools”, hit the #1 spot at U.S. Mainstream Rock for four consecutive weeks and was the #1 most played song at U.S. Rock radio and most played CanCon song at Canadian Rock Radio for 2019, along with holding the #1 spot at Active Rock in Canada for 10 consecutive weeks and spending a record setting 64 weeks on the Canadian Rock Radio Chart.

Their third full length studio album “A War On Everything” was named one of (Classic Rock UK’s) Albums of the Year, saw international acclaim as the lead single “Panic Attack”, became their second consecutive U.S. #1, also climbing to the top of the charts at home, where it spent ten consecutive weeks at #1, while the album’s second single “Kingdom In My Heart” garnered the
band’s third consecutive #1 and 12th consecutive Top 10 radio hit in Canada.

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