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Published on: 2018/09/17 - in Entertainment

Forest walk

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has announced the continuation of its innovative and immersive Forest Therapy Walk program, encouraging community members to reconnect with nature in a deeper, more meaningful way.

This year, the CRCA is offering a special series to experience the benefits of ‘forest bathing’.

“The practice of Forest Therapy was founded through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides, based in California,” describes the CRCA. “The founders of this mindful, healing and connective practice were inspired by the Japanese practice of ‘Shinrin-yoku’ which translates as ‘forest bathing.’

Research has determined that spending time in nature not only strengthens the human immune response and reduces stress, but also makes us more creative, mindful, and content in our lives. Give yourself permission to take time out of your busy schedule to immerse yourself over three consecutive weeks.”

The CRCA’s Senior Conservation Educator, Stana Luxford Oddie, will guide the Forest Therapy Walks. Stana has over 20 years of experience connecting people with nature and is accredited by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.

Sessions will be held between 12:30pm and 3pm on Thursdays, October 4th, 11th, and 18th. The price is $60 per person and you can register online at

For more information about the Forest Therapy Program visit

Watch this video from the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy that offers a brief introduction to Forest Therapy:

Photo: PixaBay (cc)