Bryan Adams Gives a Glimpse into Vancouver Studio

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Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studio

On June 4, Kingston born singer-songwriter Bryan Adams provided a glimpse into his B.C. based Warehouse Studio, a music recording facility housed in the oldest brick building in Vancouver.

On Friday he posted a message on his Twitter account, linking to photo [shown here] taken inside the studio.

Here is a shot of a guitar/piano set up at the Warehouse Studio…my studio in Canada 🙂

Located in the present-day Gastown section of Vancouver, the building was originally built by the Oppenheimer Brothers in either June 1886 or July 1887 as Vancouver’s first wholesale grocery business. It also served as Vancouver’s first City Hall.

For most of its 115+ year history, the building held a glass factory and storage warehouse for Pilkington Glass Company.

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Warehouse Studio in Vancouver's Gastown

The former Warehouse Studio was in the basement of Bryan Adams’ former West Vancouver house. While on tour, Bryan would allow other bands to record there, but soon decided to create a studio complex in the heart of Vancouver.

In 1991, he bought the abandoned, burnt-out brick building and had it restored to make it earthquake safe.

The building was divided with one-half brought down to turn it into an open air courtyard with a parking lot and small putting green.

The other half is the 3-storey studio, which was restored to maintain its old character and charm.

In 1998, Bryan received a City of Vancouver Heritage Award for this restoral effort.

Bryan Adams was born in Kingston, Ontario in November 1959.