Star Trek Disappointed Bryan Adams, But Maybe The Orville Won’t

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Bryan Adams - The Orville

Earlier this month, Kingston-born singer Bryan Adams appeared on BBC’s The One Show along with two stars from the new CBS series Star Trek: Discovery, Jason Isaacs and Sonequa Martin-Green.

During the interview, Adams revealed to the stars that he’d been contacted about a month earlier asking if he’d like to appear on the show.

As originally reported, the call may have been an invitation for the singer to make a cameo in the series’ first season finale – since there would have only been about a week left of filming – but Bryan said he never heard back.

Watch the segment below to see when Bryan first mentions the Star Trek call – or view the entire episode on Youtube. (Bryan first comes on at the 6:51 mark)

UPDATE: The original video was removed from Youtube.
Check out the below summary video of the segment (beginning at the 00:48 mark – or click here).

While the Trek cast members were sympathetic and supportive, and Adams appeared enthusiastic to have received the invitation, it looked like his dream of appearing in space has been dashed.

But maybe not. Because another new sci-fi show has an actor who sounds like he’s a huge Bryan Adams fan.

Fox’s “The Orville“, a mixed drama / light comedy series with a strong homage to Star Trek, is set 400 years in the future and follows the crew of a not-so-functional exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar fleet.

In a recent interview with Hidden Remote, Scott Grimes – who stars as The Orville’s helmsman, Lt. Gordon Malloy – mentioned Bryan Adams as an inspiration in his own music career.

Grimes, who admitted wanting to become “Bruce Springsteen or Bryan Adams, or today Ed Sheeran”, said if he ever did an album of cover songs “I’d have to do a Bryan Adams song just because I love him.”

In fact, when Scott made his second album “Living on the Run” in 2005, he said he purposely tried to sound like Bryan Adams “because I just liked him.”

Considering his long history of working with The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane – appearing regularly on Seth’s other Fox creations “American Dad!” and “Family Guy” – it’s quite possible Scott might be able swing having Bryan Adams appear on this show.

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In that same interview, Scott also happened to describe an idea for an episode that would be perfect for Bryan’s cameo.

When the discussion turned to the likelihood of viewers getting a chance to see Scott sing on The Orville, he said he did have an idea how that might happen.

Although they couldn’t do a musical episode, according to Scott, he suggested the crew could go to a planet where the inhabitants only sing.

“It would be great because you’d have to sing, because nobody would understand you unless you had the melodic flowing,” said Scott, adding: “That’s my idea. I would love that.”

He went on to say he and Seth already sing sometimes on the set of The Orville, harmonizing while waiting between takes.

Star Trek fans, who make up a large segment of The Orville audience, might find that story idea especially appealing.

One of the most popular episodes of  Star Trek: The Next Generation is “Darmok”, where the Enterprise crew encounters a species who speak in a language that consists only of metaphors (Say “Shaka, when the walls fell” to a ST:TNG fan and they’ll recall that episode immediately). Similarly, the nuances of song could be explored as The Orville crew tries to communicate with this new race of chanteurs.

Hidden Remote interviewer, Greg O’Shalae bought into Scott’s story idea immediately, observing that “some languages, like Korean or Chinese, actually sound like they’re singing to a non-native ear. And if the intonation is incorrect, you could end up insulting someone instead of ordering the beer Gordon (Grime’s character) might want.”

So there you have it. The perfect episode for Bryan Adams to appear in with a perfect title: “Summer of 2469”!

Bryan Adams - Summr of 2469

The Orville airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.

Visit Hidden Remote to read the full interview with Scott Grimes.

You can follow Scott Grimes on Twitter at @ScottGrimes , Seth MacFarlane at @SethMacFarlane and Bryan Adams at (you guessed it) @BryanAdams.

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