Bryan Adams Joins Facebook

Published on: 2010/06/17 - in Entertainment

Award winning singer Bryan Adams has officially joined the Facebook social network.

On June 16, Adams wrote on his Twitter account:

“and before i hit the stage, i started a facebook page, hope i did it right”

Clicking on the link included with that tweet led his Followers there to a Facebook page started that same day. It featured the premiere post:

Standing outside the concert hall last weekend with Gary Breit (piano).

About 12 hours later Adams posted a photo of himself in front of his ‘Bare Bones Tour’ poster, with the caption “the summer is here, so is the new haircut” [featured here]

At the time of this article, Adams’ “fan” page had already garnered over 3500 fans – or, in terms more in line with Facebook’s controversial name change to what were originally “fan pages”, over 3500 Facebook people have indicated that they “like” Bryan Adams’ page.

Facebook users can visit this webpage and click “like” to (essentially) become a fan.

Bryan Adams was born in Kingston on November 5, 1959.