Avril Lavigne Signs with BMG for New Album

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avril playing piano

Avril Lavigne announced today that she has signed with BMG for the release of her new upcoming album.

In a March 1st tweet, the singer-songwriter speaks over a video (below) of her playing the piano and guitar. In it, Avril says she is working hard on the new album’s music which will reflect her journey over the past few years.

Later, she admits having gone through a lot emotionally during that time and the song writing process has been both therapeutic and empowering for her.

One or more of those songs are certain to be influenced by how Avril has dealt with Lyme disease and perhaps about her marriage to Nickleback singer, Chad Kroeger, shortly after the release of her last album but ended with a separation three years later.

The Napanee-raised star also said that, in signing with BMG, she wanted to have fresh energy around her for the new album and feels like she is likewise experiencing somewhat of a rebirth personally.

Like many great albums, Avril’s life experiences over the past few years are what will breathe life into the new songs for this, her sixth release, due out later in 2017.

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Avril has been sharing her songwriting process with fans on social media since announcing the new album on January 1st, including a lyric hint the very next day and periodic “Lyric Hint” alerts and other tidbits of information since.

You can follow Avril Lavigne on Facebook as well as following her on Twitter or at her Instagram page.

BMG was founded in 2008, beginning with a team of just three people in Berlin. It expanded into the U.S. with the acquisition of Cherry Lane Music Publishing, Stage Three and Evergreen Copyrights in 2010. BMG now has offices in 12 countries, including a Canadian office in Toronto.