Avril Lavigne Reveals Her Tattoos

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Avril Lavigne continues her media blitz, as the date of her fourth album approaches, by showing off her many tattoos in Inked magazine.

Avril is featured on the cover of the magazine’s June/July issue and in an interview she discusses not just her tattoos, but also her relationship with former husband and Sum-41 frontman, Deryck Whibly.

Inked Magazine editor Rocky Rakovic has stated that the magazine is particularly excited to have Avril on their cover, saying “Avril was the ultimate crush for guys hanging around the half-pipe in the early 2000s, and we were happy to shoot her for her June/July music issue as she transforms from skater girl to goddess — we are even more smitten now.”

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In the interview, Avril claims her newest tattoo – a 4 letter expletive on her ribs – is her favorite.  It has been reported that she got that tattoo while being accompanied by new boyfriend Brody Jenner, but was also seen getting ink in the past couple of months with Deryck Whibley as well.

Avril also revealed that she suggested to Deryck that they each get 30 tattoos when she helped celebrate his 30th birthday this past March.

Avril also shows some foresight when she expressed interest in getting a large tattoo on her forearm, saying “I’m going to wait a few years and make sure I still want it then”.

Although she obviously has no problem getting a curse word tattooed on her body, having it on her rib cage makes it much easier to cover up while one on her forearm would be obvious to the world.

That edition of Inked magazine will be available on news stands beginning June 8th.

Avril Lavigne was raised in Napanee Ontario, only 30 minutes west of Kingston.