Avril Lavigne Meets Up with “That 70s Show” Star

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Last week, singer song-writer Avril Lavigne posted on her Twitter account that she was in a New York City Studio to work on her upcoming album.

The next day, she wrote that she ran into a friend – “That 70’s Show” star, Wilmer Valderrama – and posted photos for her fans.

Lavigne and Valderrama both had roles in the 2006 film “Fast Food Nation”, an ensemble piece examining the health & economic risks involved in the fast food industry.

Wilmer Valderrama is currently filming Spike Lee’s “The Girls In Trouble” – which Avril promoted on Twitter by exclaiming:

Wilmer is kicking ass in Spike lee’s “The Girls In Trouble” … with some bad ass acting and badass tattoos ….You guys will LOVE!!!!”

And lest gossip mongers  suggest Lavigne’s encounter with Valderrama may herald problems with her current boyfriend, Brody Jenner posted on his own Twitter account that same day:

Just landed in NYC… Man it’s hot here!!

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In addition to the Spike Lee movie, Valderrama is featured in two other flicks currently in post-production: “From Prada to Nada” and “Larry Crowne”, which also stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Avril Lavigne has posted online about being in the studio to work on her 4th album in these most recent tweets from NYC, as well as earlier in August when she wrote about recovering from strep throat while working with record producer Alex Da Kid and gave a video tour of Henson Studios in California.

This increase in social media posts by Lavigne have many fans speculating that the release of her new CD is imminent, however no official date has been announced.

Avril Lavigne was raised in Napanee, Ontario – about 20 minutes west of Kingston.


Photos via Avril Lavigne’s Twitpic and YFrog pages