Avril Lavigne Addresses Imposter Rumor on Facebook Live

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Avril Lavigne on Facebook Live

Avril Lavigne hosted her first Facebook Live webcast this week to talk about her charity partnership with the Lymelight Foundation and to answer fan questions.

To date, the video has received over a half million views in under two days with more than 30,000 comments, 3,500 shares and 48,000 ‘reactions’ on the social media platform.

The broadcast from Avril’s Los Angeles home was primarily to speak about her annual Birthday Event – this year partnering with the Lyme Light Foundation to help children and young adults receive treatment and medication for Lyme disease.

In her Facebook Live video (embedded below), Avril spoke about this year’s event which includes the chance for donors to win a variety of prizes, including a 10 minute phone call with the singing superstar.

This is her third year partnering with Limelight. Her own foundation has been helping young people with disabilities for many years and has now focused on those struggling with this particular disease.

A variety of topics were covered in the 20 minute webcast, as the singer  – accompanied by her new manager, Jenn – scanned the quickly scrolling comments to answer some of the many questions being asked.


For a long time now, Lavigne’s social media posts have been inundated with fans asking when her next album is going to be released.

Avril said she is working really hard to make her sixth album perfect and confirmed she is almost there. After writing and recording every day, she’s come up with more than 20 songs and expects to wrap it up by the end of this month.

Avril said she’s been writing songs about what she’s been going through and describes them as “empowering, emotional, and sincere” and includes “cool rock songs”.

She hasn’t committed to which song will be the album’s first single, but believes it will probably be an emotional ballad and she may even release two singles simultaneously.


Another common topic she receives comments about on social media is based on a viral (and obviously debunked) rumor that claims the “real” Avril Lavigne killed herself years ago and has been replaced by a look-alike imposter named Melissa.

This week’s webcast also received a lot of questions and comments related to that rumor, to which she addressed plainly: “Not dead. I’m here.”

Obviously aware of the rumor, the singer seemed mildly amused and thinks it’s “silly” that anyone would actually believe it.

Avril also thought it was ironic that some online conspiracies claim she never ages, and produce photos showing how similar she looks now and when she first hit the scene in 2002, while the Melissa conspirators show similar photos but point out how she looks different.


Lavigne says she likes to paint, cook, write music and continues to design (for her “Abbey Dawn” clothing line).

She also recently mounted some new fender guitars on the wall at home and is getting a new tattoo.

Avril also revealed she dressed up as a police officer for a Halloween party this past weekend and earlier in the week partied in the WWE outfit of her friend, French-Canadian professional wrestler Maryse Mizanin.

Trick or Treat ? ?@jrotem

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Avril was bedridden in October 2014 and went through a difficult period trying to get her illness diagnosed before learning she had contracted Lyme disease.

She said in the broadcast this week she is feeling good and continues her recovery, enjoying getting back to life and the simple things.

When asked what someone should do if they are ill and suspect having the disease, Avril said the most important thing is to see a doctor who is an expert in it. In her case, it took a year to be properly diagnosed and she traveled to New York City to find her doctor.

In addition to finding a doctor who is an expert on Lyme disease, Avril said sufferers should stay positive and see the positive things around them.  Speaking for herself, Avril said she prayed a lot and got closer to God and to her family.

With three years behind her now, Lavigne urged others suffering from Lyme disease to stay strong, do their research, and get friends and family to help the,.

Avril talked about some of the prizes fans can win by donating to her partnership page at Limelight, including vinyl LPs for her first three albums that were shown on the stream.

You can see Avril’s (mildly NSFW for language) webcast below.

UPDATE: Avril just posted she’s doing another Facebook Live Q&A tonight (Nov 3) at 6pm PST (9pm EST locally)

…and she’s since had to reschedule this new webcast.

You can see more from Avril Lavigne at her Instagram page, on Facebook, or by following @AvrilLavigne on Twitter.