Avril Lavigne Continues Posting Lyric Hints for New Album

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Avril Lavigne playing guitar

Napanee’s Avril Lavigne is staying in touch with fans as she continues writing and developing her new album announced on Christmas day and set to come out later this year.

The singer/song-writer has maintained her social media presence and shared  lyric tidbits with her followers as the album release dates approaches.

On Saturday, she posted her newest lyric alert: “You Make Me Loose Control“.

Some commenters have pointed out that it should be “lose control” (not “loose”) but they’ll have to wait to find out if it was a typo or auto-correct mistake, or if the spelling was intentional and will make sense in the context of the song.

Two weeks back, on January 24th, Lavigne posted another lyric alert from the same or a different song: “I won’t bow I won’t break“.

And Avril’s previous reveal on January 16th was more poignant, when she wrote: “Old chapters closing and new ones opening …..feels good to be writing new songs. ‘I am stronger and I’ll fight‘”

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There’s no official release date for Lavigne’s upcoming 6th album, although fans desperate for some new Avril can “Listen” to her collaboration with Japan’s One OK Rock, from that group’s eigth album “Ambitions“.

Along with being a successful performer – having sold more than 35 million albums and 50 million singles – Avril Lavigne is also a savy entrepreneur, with her own clothing and perfume lines, and has supported a variety of charities.

Her previous self-titled 2013 album featured hit singles that include ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up’, ‘Rock N Roll’, ‘Hello Kitty’, and ‘Let Me Go’.

February 16 Update: She’s at it again! 🙂